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Tripod Display Easel.

Tripod Display Easel.

Portable wooden tripod display easel made of square wooden dowel rods with collapsible back leg.

Specs and Dimensions:
No. 2 units.
Max dimensions (fully opened): cm 80 (L) x 241 (H) x 94 (W).

Square wooden dowel rods 48x48 mm. Threaded metal rod with bolts. Upper joint made of plywood.

Planed square wooden dowel rods coated with transparent-coloured water based impregnating agent. Upper joint painted in golden bronze colour.

Theatre, events and any display purpose.

Delivery time:
Very fast.

Items used only once during an art exhibition. Structure made with reclaimed wood elements coated with wood stain.
The clear finish enhances the wood's natural imperfections giving the item a unique touch.
Equipped with locking mechanism for the foldable back leg to ensure stability and set item's maximum width (94 cm).
VAT and transport not included. We have more second-hand items on sale.

Province of Salerno – Italy

cod. GRA01SS 
 €80,00 Cad.