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Giant Camera Mock-up

Giant Camera Mock-up
IMMAGINI Giant Camera Mock-up RICHIEDI

Old-fashioned camera made of recycled materials.


Specs and Dimensions:

No. 1 item. Length: 135cm / Height: 80cm / Width: 30cm.



PVC foam sheets reclaimed from corporate events. A recycled clear plastic ball (barrel/beer keg). 0,5 mm thick MDF sheets.
PVC and carpet.



Painted with water-based primer. Colours: white, black, metallic grey. The main raw material consists of graphic panels processed and reporpused.


Restaurants, bars & clubs, window dressing, children's theatres, photographic studios, leisure-time animation.


Production lead time:
Very fast.

Materials cost not contemplated in the estimation of the final price since it is all reused. VAT and transport not included.

Province of Varese – Italy


cod. RU06SS