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Revolving Architectural Structure.

Revolving Architectural Structure.
IMMAGINI Revolving Architectural Structure. RICHIEDI

Hand-operated revolving structure, squared base with columns, closed at the sides with floating panels in white tulle and covered with lintels and top.

Specs and Dimensions:
Assembled when closed: 2,05 x 2,05 x 4,50m (h). The opening of the side floating panels is adjustable as desired.

Consisting of:
3 cm thick plywood base.
Mounted on spherical wheels (no. 2 items each 2,05 x 1,00m).
No. 4 columns with a square base 0,20 x 0,20 x 2,45m (h).
No. 4 lintels 2,05 x 0,20 x 1,10m (h).
No. 2 top coverings 1,35 x 2,00m.
No. 2 triangular top coverings 1,60 x 0,80m (h).
No. 2 tulle panels with wheels 2,25 x 2,40m (h).
No. 2 tulle panels with wheels 1,05 x 2,40m (h).

15mm thick plywood framework.
No. 4 framed panels upholstered in white tulle.

All coated with white fireproof paint.

Stage shows, TV shows, fashion shows, window dressing, corporate events, artistic performances, trade shows and exhibitions.

Delivery time:
Very fast.

Two persons are required to assembly the structure. Lintels with bayonet fitting for fixing on top of  columns. Wooden supporting frame to facilitate the assembling included. VAT and transport not included.


cod. GSU123SS