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The mock-up technique is used whenever it is necessary to have a copy of the object that would draw attention, even by emphasising colours and shapes, making the copy with different size from the original, using different materials from the original, not respecting the original purpose.
We create high level hand-crafted mock-ups bringing forth unique and exclusive works of art.

For our mock-ups we use various materials such as wood, iron, epoxy resin, polystyrene, carbon fibre, gel coat, polyurethane foam, two-component epoxy systems and other plastic compounds, and all the necessary materials that are needed to reproduce the requested object.

Sprayed or brushed water enamel coating, impregnating agents, scenic paint, resin finish, plastering, gel-coat, polyurea coating, sheathing, upholstery and much more.

Faux paint effects:
Wood grain effect also on MDF or plastic materials, faux metallic finish like chrome-plated, gold, silver, weathering steels on non-ferrous metals, marble or materic looking effects on any material, creative resin finishing, rubber effect on wood or other materials, leather effect, velvet effect, tree bark effect, mirror finish and much more.

Corporate events, theatrical events, exhibitions and display events, mock-ups, advertising, film and television studios, photographic studios, religious events, public entertainment venues, private homes.

Production lead time:
To be defined

Check on the attached picture gallery for some examples of our work. For more information please fill in the form, or contact us by email at
We are able to realize any custom project even starting from a given picture or a basic sketch.


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