Nuovo Usato Noleggio

We manufacture: wood and polystyrene made artistic props, arches, furnishings, frames, tires, cubes, limbo stages, sculptures, benches and chairs, scenic panels, shoji screens, curved panels, round platforms, rectangular platforms, portals, stage wings and curtains, polystyrene panels, foam panels, graphic elements, stairs and steps, backlit panels, Tuscan, Corinthian and Ionic columns, lesenes, carpets, decorated profiles, polystyrene balls and spheres, half-balls, balustrades, polystyrene shells, polystyrene fountains, projection screens, giant balls, iron, wooden and polystyrene signs, special effects, logos, light-absorbing backdrops and draperies, dance floors, metal curtains, string curtains, tulle.


This and much more within this constantly evolving section.


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