Nuovo Usato Noleggio

This section is the continuation of the success of "Vetrina delle occasioni", the web portal created four years ago to recycle scenic elements and materials. Recycle & Save money with us! Our portal grown on the initial idea of recycling has gained much recognition, both from illustrious institutions and media, and especially from users who buy or sell scenic elements through us.


In this constantly changing section you might find: painted backdrops, mock-ups, complete sets, platforms and steps, stage wings, polystyrene sculptures and props, thrones, desks, furnishings, decorations, sofas and couches, logos, benches, polystyrene panels, streetlights, chairs and cinema seats, theatrical trunks and suitcases, scenic sand, mannequins, light-absorbing backdrops and draperies, string curtains, optical pvc, carpeting, wire mesh, synthetic grass.


All prices do not include VAT and transports.